Domaine Viret Sylibre

A one off Cuvee from Philippe. This is a parcel of Syrah that he aged in vat for several years before bottling. It's a big powerful wine.

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Please note below is the text from our original Sylibre vintage 2009. Philippe decided to produce subsequent vintages, we are now on the 2016.

Domaine Viret Sylibre Syrah 2009 - is a parcel of wine that Philippe aged in vat for five years at the winery prior to bottling. A fine example of quality sulphite free wine keeping in great condition even before it was bottled.

This is a big meaty wine, very "Amarone" in style!

Big aromas on the nose - all Philippe's wines have a particular smell that we just love. You could swirl it round the glass for half an hour just smelling it as it begins to aerate and the fruit really starts to come out. We couldn't wait that long though and had to get stuck in to get these tasting notes posted.

Strong fruit flavours with some raisin, reminiscent of one of my favourite wines, Amarone, which is made by the appassimento method of pre-drying the grapes to concentrate the sugars. Well this has big sweet fruit and big alcohol too at`15%. Super smooth, full bodied and all the components fully integrated. This wine was aged in the cellar for 60 months before release, so this is a very rare opportunity to get your hands on some aged Viret!


All Philippe's wines are beyond organic, being produced under his trademarked system of "Cosmoculture" which is a blend of organic and biodynamic principles with ancient beliefs about nature derived from as far afield as the Aboriginees and the Native American Indians. This is further coupled with telluric energy as Alain, Philippe's father, built the winery on an ancient Roman site around an underground spring which they believe energises the vineyards and the winery. They have obelisks dotted around the vineyards to suck down energy from the stars too!

It goes much deeper than this as they built the winery on the former Roman site out of the same stone the Romans used (5 tonne blocks of sandstone), in the same method using no mortar. And they designed it to face a certain direction, as had the Romans, which is something to do with "the magic number". Please read their explanation of Cosmoculture on their website, it is fascinating. And I can honestly say Philippe makes wines like nobody else - they are superb, delicious, healthy and energising!

More Information
Location Rhone, France
Winery Viret
Winery status Family owned and run
Winemaker Philippe Viret
Annual production Low
Grapes Syrah
Style Smooth and powerful
ABV 15
Bottle Size 75cl
Free sulphur <5mg/l
Percentage score 90
Grapes Own Yeast Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Dry farmed Yes
Gluten free Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
John's Rating 5
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