Sequerciani Vermentino sulphite free wine

Organically certified by ICEA and Demeter

A fabulous natural Vermentino with nothing added or taken away. Full, fruit driven with a nutty finish. They only make 600 bottles of this wine!

Please be aware this wine is cloudy as it is unfiltered. On first opening there will be a slight fizz and if tasted immediately the first taste is almost like cider. Give it some time to aerate in the glass and it changes dramatically. Then with each sip it gets better and better.

If you don't appreciate this style of natural wine please do not order this wine, as it is supremely rare and we want it to go to natural wine fans who will appreciate it. Thank you.

"grapes, sun and earth - that's it"

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Organically certified by ICEA and Demeter

We had to wait for this to be bottled - they make just 600 bottles per year! Naturally it's all hand picked and the grapes are femented with their own natural yeasts only.

It's a beauty but please note it is a natural unfiltered white wine, so nothing like mass produced wines. It will be cloudy as it was neither fined nor filtered - that isn't a fault, that is the natural goodness from the grapes left in there. If you don't want a natural white please don't order this wine as it is supremely rare and we want it to go to people who appreciate this style.

Some of the grapes were fermented in teracotta amphorae, while some were fermented in stainless steel then transferred to barrel to age. The wine was then bottle matured for a further two months before release.

Big powerful fruit flavours with a long nutty finish. I loved it!

"grapes, sun and earth - that's it"

More Information
Location Maremma ,Tuscany
Winery Sequerciani
Winery status Tiny Family winery
Winemaker Laura Rossi
Annual production 600 bottles
Grapes 100% Vermentino
Style Full, natural, dry finish
ABV 13
Bottle Size 75cl
Percentage score 90
Biodynamic Yes
Organic Yes
Sustainable farming Yes
Gluten free Yes
Vegan Yes
Sulphite level Sulphite Free
John's Rating 5
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